Recent New Features

We have been listening to your feature requests and we are happy to say we’ve recently added some improvements to the site suggested by customers. Please continue to suggest new features and improvements – We are always listening.

We have enabled the use of special characters with your account (or sub-account) password to help you make your passwords more secure.
To change your password
Log into your account
Click -> Account -> Password

The account holder can now print certificates after the email with the certificate has been sent. If a certificate has been sent the PDF can be viewed and printed by going to the respondent answers.

When adding images to a question the question images can now be placed above or below the answers. Previously images were by default placed below the answer text.

The login section can be put at the beginning or at the end of the assessment. The person taking the assessment can now log in to the assessment after the assessment has been taken. Some customers have requested this people are more likely to give personal details after they have taken an assessment.

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