We Love Our Customers!

We love our customers! We believe everyone can do with bit of extra help now and then. We’re happy to give one-on-one demo or help when you have a problem. Whether you are a subscriber or not!

Sometimes we all need a little help. Even the most user friendly software can sometime leave the most tech savvy of us a bit frustrated. Thats why here at Brainsbuilder we are happy to give one-to-one a demo or one-to-one help when you run into difficulties. We are also happy to hear any suggestions or feedback about your experiences with Brainsbuilder or how you think it can be improved.

One-to-one sessions are best done via a Skype screen share where we can see your screen (in the case of help) or you can see yours (in case of a demo). If you don’t have a Skype account you can download it at www.skype.com. It is available for almost all widely used devices and platforms.

You can contact our customer support team at any time to arrange one-to-one demo or help.


Brainsbuilder or TestBranch?

Whats the difference between Brainsbuilder and TestBranch?
If you think you’ll require advanced randomization and scoring then choose Brainsbuilder. If you think you’ll need question branching and logic the go for our sister site TestBranch.

Features unique to Brainsbuilder:

– Display the order of questions in a random order within a section.
– Ability to choose a fixed amount of questions from a pool of questions.
– To require your candidates to pass one or all of your assessment sections to achieve a pass.
– Minus a point for an incorrect answer.

Features unique to TestBranch include question branching based on:

– If the question is correct or incorrect.
– If amount of points is achieved or not achieved.
– If the question a particular question option is chosen or not.
– Allow multiple branch conditions for a single question.

https://www.brainsbuilder.com and https:/www.testbranch.com

Customize Look and Feel

You can change the look and feel of your Braisnbuilder and TestBranch assessments and customize them to match the look and feel of your organization, website or blog etc. You can also change all of the text and labels, for example to make foreign language tests.

You have the choice of using the ‘Preset’ template. The easy-to-edit ‘Simple Editable’ template, where you can edit the template fonts and background color. If you have knowledge of HTML and CSS you can choose the ‘Advanced Editable’ template, where you can change almost every aspect of your template. You can change all of the labels and text on your assessments.

So there is something to suit every level of technical skill and requirement.


Public or Private Assessments

Brainsbuilder and TestBranch offers you three ways to make your assessments available to people. Public, Email and Student.

1) ‘Public’ assessment are easily accessible. User can come to the Brainsbuilder and TestBranch websites with an assessment ID or you can link the assessment to a page using the ‘public URL’

When users come to the website you can ‘restrict’ access with a general password.

2) ‘Private Email’ is where you can send invitation email only to people that you want to take the assessment.

3) ‘Private Student’ is where users come to the Brainsbuilder and TestBranch websites with and assessment ID an a unique login for each person.

You can find more information on here:


New and Improved

Brainsbuilder has gone through a major transformation recently. We have totally rebuilt the site from the ground up with many new features, and assessments are easier to create than before.

The list of features in the recent upgrade is HUGE! and there have been improvements in performance and stability. We would like to say a big thank you to our customers for all of your continued suggestions and feedback.

We will continue to make improvements and add new features.

Ohh.. If you haven’t explored the new features yet we recommend that you log into your account and check them out.